The route to the bygone times is in my case marked by old garments, concrete objects like petticoats, tuxedos and wedding dresses. Their intimate character brings forward deep emotions. Memories are mixed with unfulfilled dreams, hopes and desires. The sorrow is always there. My colours are scanty as the memories are far away.

Bygone times

Old gardens and the clothes of bygone decades both express longing and melancholy. They bring back moments and feelings many of which have taken place long time ago - too long.


Fabrics when folded are interesting as they emphasize the quality of their material. The illusion of the feel like heavy silk, light cotton or delicate lace must be there in my paintings. But in addition to the technical aims the atmosphere of old garments is important. The central elements are peace, rest, and end of movement. People inside the costumes are not to be seen but they are present regardless.


I look at plants at a very short distance. Macro image reveals a new reality. Details are fascinating and there are so many shades of colour. The many forms make you wonder and admire. Time in my garden has stopped. Time to contemplate. My aim is to create quiet peace and a relaxed atmosphere.


My next theme is withering. When flowers lose their freshness, their forms show surprising changes. They emerge anew, rolling, closing, twisting. Colors get deeper or they may turn to their opposites - warm becomes cold, cold appears warm, often totally new colours arrive. Somehow in spite of all this the harmony remains.

Probably I will also continue my experiments combining paper folds and oil in my works.